FRUK is an English transcreation & translation boutique based in France that accompanies French speaking brands and advertising agencies to produce relevant English written content - not just words for words, but culture for culture.

In an increasingly connected & international world, your English needs to be spot on!

As English natives, we ensure you connect with your international audience via the most compelling, accurate and impactful content, on every touchpoint and through every channel.

Understanding the language is one thing, understanding the culture is another!

Bilingual, bi-cultural and based in France, our profound understanding of French culture and French savoir-vivre allows us to truly embody the full extent of your message, and communicate all the emotion that goes with it.

Today, fast is the new normal, and project hours have replaced office hours!

Dynamic, responsive and professional, we work to your beat. Just like you, we acknowledge the importance of being proactive, understand your work environment and embrace your work ethic to deliver in the most relevant & efficient way possible.

Every good story starts with a good script. Let's get started!

Presentations are personal. Don't lose that personality!

Poetic or factual, the power of the message is everything!

Good communication takes a great touch. Keep that touch!

If you're not hard-hitting, you're not hitting!

English is easy. Style is difficult. Both are essential!

Sharp, flowing & smooth, your landing page must have it all!

Social has a language of its own. Make them follow yours!

FRUK brings the best out in premium all-inclusive Club Med holidays!

Task: Translating scripts into english with all the warmth & emotion of an unforgettable family holiday.

FRUK bridges the cultural gap for Coca-Cola’s 100th French anniversary!

Task: Creating english subtitles whilst maintaining the same copywriting style, twists & rhymes.

FRUK brings BNP's new communication tools to life in 6 quirky videos!

Task: Adapting the scripts for all 6 episodes, creating similar wordplay and puns in keeping with the characters & props.